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    Site assessment
    Contract Building
    About UGES


Site Feasibility Assessment

Site Survey, Digitization of maps, constructional feasibility of BOP are key deliverables of Site Feasibility Assessment. Bankable Legal Due diligence for Land is key for possession.

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Owners Engineers Services

UGES ensures monitoring of construction plan with effective reviews in Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental issues. All stake holders are in sync for execution with first piece approval strategy.

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Windfarm Warranty Inspections

Warranty Inspection includes Technical Evaluation of Wind Turbine and windfarm Infrastructure. Risk assessment and it's mitigation plan is key deliverables

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EPC Contracts

Site servey detail engineering and simulations ensures sustainable performance of solar PV projects. Our procurment team ensures selection of high reliablity products and execution team ensures best practices in workmanship.

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Solarpark BOP construction

In commercial solarparks BOP electrical infrastructure plays vital road in large scale operations. Any single intruption impacts entire electrical system considerably. Our design team ensures fault and profile simulations to select unique products.

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Our rooftop segment deals with project size from 10kw to 1000kw, could be individuals or clustered for industries & commercial operations. Detailed rooftop survey, shadow analysis and engineering ensures optimum performance.

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Substation design services

Our design team has know how to design substation and transmission system from 11kv upto 765kv. Be it GIS or AIS system, we at UGES ensures detail engineering with latest IS/IEC/Country specific normes for system design.

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Transmission profiling

Transmission line loss at LV & MV is a long term revenue loss for investors. Optimise power collection network for solar & wind ensures optimum construction cost & losses. We conduct detailed line survey and profile establishment.

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We are leading suppliers to utility and private companies in equipments and hardwares. Our design and quality assurance team ensures selection of specific hardware and accessories as per application requirements.

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Post Contract signing, Investors position is locked at times due to contract terms….Involvement of owners Engineers and Management in Contract building is support to larger extent. It shall be with Incentives, Grace Period and penalty to make it win-win situation.
Site visit gives good amount of confidence to evaluate contract commitements, we do independent survey on ground to estimate contract schedule in line with estimated resources.
360 Degree evalutaion of Windfarms from concept to commissioning mitigates overall risk including Land, Turbine, Infrastructure technical and Legal approvals helps in defining precise stage of projects for payment milestones as a part of contract.
Detailed scheduling review prior to contract signing gives accurate time frame of deliverables. We may modify or revise schedule with enriching resources however bare minimum resources must be fixed.This ensures project expedites.

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